• Core Value

    Honesty and Passion
    Sustainable Business Model
    Support Research and Development
    Encourage Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Mr. George Lin, Founder and Late Chairman​


  • Our Principles

    Established in 1976, Conary Enterprise started by introducing semi-conductor materials to research facilities of Taiwan. The company was able to connect with many experts in semi-conductor industry and realized that nurturing talents is the basis of technology and industry growth. Starting with financial support from government and social organizations, the initial research development was able to transform into mass production and supply chain of semi-conductors, making Taiwan the irreplaceable supply hub of semi-conductor in the world. Conary Enterprise is fortunate to have been able to grow with the semi-conductor industry and remain an important role within silicon and compound semiconductor supply chain.
    We grow with our customers, and we have never forgotten our passion to nurture talents. We invest our profits into new research and development within the company. Conary Enterprise have received multiple governmental research grants because we continue to provide an entrepreneurial environment that train new talents, encourage innovation, and have multiple intellectual property rights. Meanwhile, Conary Enterprise monitored the industrial trend closely and continued to adapt and strive for new sustainable business models. Throughout time, Conary Enterprise continue to nurture new expertise. In 2005, Conary Enterprise started LED department and laser application department. In 2017, Conary Sensor department was established. In 2018, the laser application department spinned off to become WIseOME Inc.
    Embarking to future, Conary Enterprise will maintain honesty and passion while serving our customers and striving for innovation. We will continue to learn and grow to challenges, in hopes to share our business principle and contribute to the sustainable development of technology industry. 

  • Corporate History

    1976 - 1989

    Founder-chairman couple George Lin and Hsiang-Wei Yeh established Conary Enterprise in 1976, starting with importation of silicon-semiconductor materials from Japan for research facilities in Taiwan that studied solid state electronic devices. The research led to the abundance of master and doctoral talents entering workforce at Science Park, which then led to the fast growth  IC companies such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) and United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC), creating the Silicon Valley of semiconductor in Taiwan. During that time, Conary Enterprise imported materials such as silicon wafer, chemical vapor deposition chemicals, gas, and precious metal from Japanese companies including Yamanaka Chemical, Mitsuwa Chemical, Sumitomo Sitix, Iwatani, Tanaka Kikinzoku.

    1990 - 2005

    When the Current Chairman Jerry Lin returning from United States, Conary Enterprise started to introducing compound semiconductors suppliers from Europe, United States, and Japan. Some products include GaAs and InP Substrate from AXT US, compound semiconductor epitaxy wafer from EPI (now IQE), organic metal precursors from Epichem and further established Epichem Asia, TO CAP from Yamamura Photonics, high concentration boron and phosphorus red from Yamanaka Ceradyne Inc. (now Yamanaka Advanced Materials Inc.), and equipment such as laser diode automatic die bonders and wire bonders from Four Technos.  Hence, Conary Enterprise has been providing high quality materials and equipment to companies that produce LED (eg. Epistar), semiconductor laser (eg. Arima Lasers), Fiber communication (eg. LandMark Optoelectronics Corporation, eLaser), and wireless communication (eg. Visual Photonics Epitaxy Co., WIN semiconductors Corp.)

    2005 - 2010

    When LED manufacturers in Taiwan determined the technology roadmap of lumen per watt and color temperature, Conary Enterprise had decided to invest in LED lighting business and established the Conary LED Lighting department to promote application of white light LED lighting and color lighting control system for both indoor and outdoor architectural applications. We have achieved several mega projects including special effect wall lighting for Kaohsiung office building for Land Bank of Taiwan, special effect lighting for Dream Mall, Glass drape lighting for Taipei Tianmu SOGO, lighting effect for 38 stories of architectural building for China Steal Corporation headquarter in Kaohsiung. In overseas market, we also supplied many lighting systems by working with local designer and engineering companies for hotels, malls, luxury stores located in Dubai, Xi-An and Beijing in China, and Jakarta in Indonesia.

    2011 - 2019

    Due to global warming, renewable energy technology became a key part the growing industries, and many solar wafer companies were formed in Taiwan.


    In 2011, Conary Enterprise and Yamanaka Ceradyne Inc. of Japan co-invest to establish Yamanaka Conary Enterprise, focusing on POCI3 trans-fill  and production for Taiwanese solar cell and semiconductor customers.

    When iPhone 5 launched in September of 2012, Conary started laser innovative application department, created the brand iPin, and developed the first generation of headphone-jack mini laser presenter


    In 2014, iPin received many international industrial design awards such as iFA and Red Dot, as well as Taiwan Excellence award and Computex design and innovative Gold Award. The founder of Conary, Mr. George Lin was awarded the greatest honor personally by Dr. Ma, the President  of Taiwan at that time.


    In 2017, Conary formed the hall sensor  department in Chung Yuan Innovation and Incubation Center (CYIC). We focus on GaAs Quantum-Well Hall Effect Sensor research,  and received research grant from Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan.


    In 2018, iPin  received commercial orders from well-known cell phone brand to produce their rugged phone with embedded  laser distance measuring module.  Conary Enterprise then decided to put in more investment and spin off this laser innovation department to an independent company WiseOME Inc.


    In 2019, Conary Enterprise was awarded “Ground-breaking Innovative Award” by Small and Medium Business Administration of Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs.


    Conary Enterprise becomes the distributor of Newport Wafer Fab., a Silicon manufacturing foundry based in Cardiff UK. Ever since,  Conary Enterprise started to provide 8" wafer process foundry service  including silicon IGBT and MOSFET, GaN-on-Silicon, GaN-on-SiC, and Silicon Photonics.

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