• Semiconductor Materials

    , BORON TRIBROMIDE (BBr3) for semiconductor diffusion process

    Brand: YAMANAKA

    High purity chemical for diffusion, doping process on Slicon to form N-type or P-type region, applied for Discrete Devices,  Solar Cell , Optical Fiber Industries.

  • POCl3 Auto Refill System, Central Supply System

    Brand: YAMANAKA

    PVRefill System
    Centrally deliver POCl3 liquid to each tool bubbler on diffusion furnace.
    1. Continuous and Stable POCl3 vapor delivery to diffusion furnace. 
    2.  Redcued downtime. Improved prodcutivity.
    3. 15~40% residual cost saving.
    4. Easy maintance with low cost operation.
    *Speical offer in 2021 (Please contact our Sales person)

  • High purity Metals
    for Silicon ingot Doping process : Ultra High Purity Boron(B), Red Phosphorus(Red P), Arsenic(As), Antimony (Sb)

    Brand: YAMANAKA

    High purity Metals for Silicon Ingot Growth Doping process.
    Ultra High Purity Boron(B), Red Phosphorus (Red P), Arsenic (As) , Antimony (Sb)
    Doping Materials for producing N-type or P-type crystalline silicon ingot growth.
    Purity :  99.9999%
    Sizes: Chunk, Powder, Shot

  • Spin-on Glass (SOG). Application: dielectric material, passivation layer, trench filling , Gap-fill , wafer bonding, Smoothing & Masking, BCP/IBC Solar Cell.
    Spin-on dielectric, Spin-on Doant (SOD) for doping


    SOG ( Spin-On-Glass ) is used to form thin film dielectric layer from liquid solutions by spinning, spraying, or dip coating on the target substrates.
    SOD (Spin-on Dopant) are silicate (doped and undoped) ,titanate, aluminate, and zincate SOG products.
    SOG can be applied to wide range of semiconductor manufacturing process or various products like microchip, solar, photonic, MEMS and LCD.
    Recent advanced Appliications include Ga2O3 MOSFET, Diode, Trench Fill, Smoothing & Masking , Wafer Bonding, BCP&IBC (interdigitated back contact) Solar Cell , etc.

  • Metal for filament & e-beam evaporator. Single Metal element, Alloy, Intermetallic compouds like Ti, Al, Ni, Zn3P2, Zn3As2 & Rare earth metals : La, Sc, Y, etc.


    Metal for filament & e-beam evaporator & Alloy, Rare earth metals
    We provide single Metal elments like Ti, Al, Ni,
    Alloy like Nickel Alloy(Ni-Cr-Fe), 
    Compond like Zn3P2, Zn3As2
    and Rare earth metals like La, Sc, Y , etc.
    Small Package sizes avaliable

  • DOT certified SS316 stainless steel Cylinder for the purpose of containing precursors and specialty chemicals .

    Brand: PFL

    PFL provides DOT certified SS316 stainless steel cylinder.  Cylinder capacity ranges from 50mL to 60L. Variety of fitting valves like lock out valve, manual valve, pneumatic valve are available. Other options include level sensor and temperature sensor. Cylinder or Bubbler can be filled with precursors or specialty chemicals, which can be installed on ALD, MOCVD, CVD and other semiconductor equipment.

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