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  • TO CAN Package , TO CAP ,TO56 , TO46 , TO38 , TO33 , TO9 , TO5


    Yamamura mainly provides TO packaged cap , including flat window , ball lens types of TO56, TO46, TO38 ,TO33 , TO9 , TO5 for different AR coating and various wavelength ( 535nm, 650nm, 780nm, 1310nm, 1550nm...etc.). Downstream applications include 10G, 25G, 100G laser communication base station, blue and green laser module for industrial and automotive industry. 


    To manufacture high-level full-automation die bonder and wire bonder that used in optical communications, optical storage, automotive, display applications, and high-power industrial laser diode porducts.  The systems possess high-speed, micron-level, high-precision, high-stability, high-yield for mass production, and can be customized for special function of multiple packaging types on the same system.

    Moreover, new developed Active Alignment die bonder with an advanced laser alignment system can optimize the optical power after coupled into optical fiber.

    TO-CAN, COC(chip on chip), COS(chip on submount), COB(chip on board) die bonding system, wire bonding system, active alignment die bonding system

  • Brand: ORIGIN

    The Full-Automation cap sealer using  capacitor resistance welding technology to perform laser and photodetector diodes hermetic seal.

    It applies to various TO-CAN packages, for high speed, high precision, high stability and high yield mass production.  Different types of non-welding hermetic seal technology ( lens-on-substrate ) are available     for customized application.

    TO-CAN, non-welding hermetic seal

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