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    YAMANAKA  Advaned Materials Inc. manufactures matrials applied for semiconductor , optical fiber, solar cell indusrtires for more than 40yeras.
    We provide high purity metals like UHP Boron, Red P that are key materials for silicon Ingot growth doping process.
    In 2011, Yamanaka and Conary established a factory, Yamanaka Conary Inc., in Hwa Ya Technology Park, Taoyuan, to trans-fill POCl3 in Taiwan.  This factory further enhanced our premium service and business support to Taiwan customers. 

  • IQE

    IQE is the leading global supplier of advanced compound semiconductor wafer products and material solutions to the semiconductor industry. Our technology enables a diverse range of applications across:

    • handset devices

    • global telecoms infrastructure

    • connected devices

    • 3D sensing

    As a scaled global epitaxy wafer manufacturer, IQE is uniquely positioned in this market which has high barriers to entry. IQE supplies the whole market and is agnostic to the winners and losers at chip and OEM level. By leveraging the Group’s intellectual property portfolio including know-how and patents, it produces epitaxy wafers of superior quality, yield and unit economics.
    CONARY has represented IQE in Taiwan since 1992.


    YAMAMAURA Photonics Co., Ltd. is one of the top three TO CAP supplier in the world. We provide Ball Lens Cap, Flat Window Cap for TO CAN packaging with different sizes and AR coating wavelengths according to customer needs.

  • Mitsuwa

    Mitsuwa Chemicals Co., Ltd. provides variety of high purity metals, rare earth metals and alloy with different sizes and packages available meeting customer needs. Mitsuwa supplied to Japan market for over 40 years and accmuplated over houndreds of customers keep sourcing from us. Conary and Mistuwa have long term business relationship, supplied vaious kind of metals to R&D institues and semiconductor industry in Taiwan. 


    FOUR TECHNOS Co. Ltd. owns the in-depth expertise of semiconductor laser technology from many years of customers engagement.  FOUR TECHNOS has system design capabilities based on the understanding of customer packaging processes.
    Conary has been the agent of FOUR TECHNO Co., Ltd for more than 20 years in Taiwan and Great China area, we have built a strong team to assist customers in system inspection, installation, problem-solving communication, not only to earn customer trust but also to help Four Technos becoming a market leader.


    ORIGIN Co, Ltd. mainly adopts capacitor resistance welding technology for TO-capping hermetic seal applied in the field of laser diode and photo detector.  Conary has been the agent of ORIGIN's hermetic capping system for more than 20 years in Taiwan and Great China Area, and has established a rock-solid relationship between customers and supplier.

  • Desert Silicon

    Desert Silicon, Inc. was founded in 2013, headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, USA.  We provide world class electronic grade SOG and SOD that forms dielectri thin films from liquid solutions by spinning, spraying, or dip coating process method ontarget substrates.
    Desert Silicon owns patented technology to develop customized products, that helps both manufacturing and research institutes to produce the next generation of devices.  Desert Silicon also developed it's own SOG manufacturing equipmen with customized formulations to satisfy all kinds of SOG, SOD demands from customer.

  • PFL

    PFL is a professional stainless steel cylinder manufacturer in the United States.  Our products pass the highest safety standard DOT certification, can be filled with precursor , speciality chemicals.

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